How to Lose Your Prostate
Without Losing Your
Sense of Humor
Bert Gottlieb and Thomas J. Mawn, M.D.

Prostate cancer for men, like breast cancer for women, has very serious psychological as well as physical ramifications. One of the author’s of this candid book is the patient suffering from the disease. His account of his diagnosis, treatment over two years, and eventual cure is touching, profound, and often uproarious as it evokes the physical and emotional rollercoaster engendered by this illness. The second author is the patient’s doctor. His observations, alternating chronologically with those of the patient, record each examination and consultation, and include his clinical and humane observations as the disease takes its course. The result is a comprehensive understanding of the psychological, the physical, and the clinical aspects of prostate cancer.

Softcover 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
ISBN: 0-924793-67-0.