A Host's Guide To Ridding Your Life of Unwanted People

Lance Q. Zedric

Learn To Shake Those People Who Use You...

Losers, Users, & Parasites is a fresh and humorous approach to coping with an ancient problem-being used by other people. It exposes destructive behaviors and relationships and offers realistic strategies for freeing your life of individuals who drain your time and energies.

This book is an absolute treat! The author’s analogy between parasitic animals and parasitic people is funny, but also right on target. He shows you how to spot these selfish critters before they eat you alive, so you save the good stuff to share with the givers.
Jacquelyn Powers,
Award-winning Author and Editor

Softcover, 96 pages ‘ 5 1/2 X 8 1/2,
$9.95 ISBN: 0-934793-61-1