Coffee in the Cereal
The First Year with Multiple Sclerosis

Lorna J. Moorhead

Coffee in the Cereal is about the first year of living with Multiple Sclerosis, as told by Lorna, a mother who one year after her diagnosis started the successful website and nonprofit organization MS MOMS

From discovering her diagnosis by accident, and doctors who insist on telling her she looks "fine," to cognitive difficulties such as absent-mindedly pouring coffee on her cereal, and angry people attacking her car because she doesn’t look like she should be in the handicap spot, Lorna weathers her first year by maintaining the goal to find humor in everything.

Most personal-experience MS stories only speak of the horrors and sadness of getting diagnosed, not about how the person continued to live after that. Others focus on some great deed or feat the person achieved after their diagnosis. While Coffee does touch upon Lorna’s creation of a support group for women and families with MS, that accomplishment is not the focus of the book. Coffee in the Cereal deals with practical problems and realities that other books do not such as building self-esteem and telling the children.

Coffee in the Cereal will not only entertain and inform people with MS, but will help educate family members and loved ones who want to better understand how the person with MS feels. It also provides great insight for medical and mental health professionals into the life of an average MS patient.

Softcover, 150 pages, 5 1/2 X 8 1/2
Price: $14.95 ISBN: 0-934793-07-7